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Dream within a dream

The Minority Report: 18 Classic Stories (soft cover) - Philip K. Dick, James Triptree Jr.

Dreamt today (literally, I'm a vampire except for bloodsucking and immortality) of an advertisement playing within my dream - forgot what it was about but had an impression it was contextual, like you see on the net. It played off an image it got from my dream and on to its own agenda whatever it was.

For the record, I haven't been watching TV for many years so the inspiration didn't come from there.

If I'm not mistaken, the first to imagine personal advertisement was Philip Dick in the Minority Report (the only other scene from the movie I remember is the moment when the hero walkes into a store and a computer, having scanned his irises and recognized him, starts bombarding him with offers, using his name all the time). By the way, I'm sure Dick's prediction will come true in my lifetime.

Wonder if somebody used the idea of in-dream advertisement already - or am I the first to come up with it? Don't think so. Surely there's a book somewhere with dream ads too :)