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KAMCHATKA : WILDERNESS AT THE EDGE - Igor; Gil,  Patricio Robles Shpilenok Kamchatka, kotoruyu ya lyublyu. Istorii v kadre - Shpilenok Igor Мои Камчатские Соседи - Igor Shpilenok

To all the wolf (and werewolf) lovers out there - latest pic from my fav Russian nature photographer.He's married to an American WWF activist, Laura Williams. When not traveling, they live in a small Russian village near Bryansky forest national park (the woman is a hero, I tell you).



He specializes in bears and foxes (his are the loveliest foxes and sweetest bears ever), but does an occasional wolf or wolverine or sable too, all natives of Russia :)


He has a volunteer that translates his blog into English:


And here is his Russian blog (with more pictures - the translation lags behind up to half a year)


The fox wedding:


He has published a couple of books with photos.

 And I'm not affiliated with either Laura or Igor, I'm just a quiet reader of his blog :)